In this little article we will dive deep into the do's and don'ts of growkit placement

Where you keep your growkit for cultivation is very important. You want the place to be as clean as possible so no contaminations can come inside of the kit.

The best place to put it is on a disinfected surface higher up in the room like on a cupboard or a closet. On higher-up places there is less air movement and therefore less contaminants than can fly onto the growkit/airfilter.

Never place a growkit on the ground for this reason it gets easily contaminated on the ground.

Which room of the house should I put the growkit?

The better question is where shouldn't I put my growkit. You do not want it to be in humid places like a bathroom, toilet, kitchen, basement, or garage since there are already way more contaminating agents flying around.

The best place would be your living room your bedroom or the best yet an unused spare room. The least amount of interaction the kits have with the environment the better they can grow on their own. 

Another very important factor is that the growkit should never be directly in the sun. Growkits do like daylight but not directly on the kit. It is best when the mushrooms can feel a normal day and night rhythm.

What is the best surface put the growkit on?

The best surface is one that is easily cleanable. Never put a kit on top of soft material like carpets or blankets. Again these can contain contaminants that can crawl up into the kit.

Should I put my growkit next/ on top of a heater?

Never put your growkit on top of a heater. A heater can not easily be regulated and your growkit might get too hot and get burned. 

If you put your thermostat on 23 degrees the heater will always heat up to temperatures much higher than that to make sure that the whole house gets to 23 degrees, so your growkit might overheat when you do this. You can easily put your growkit close to the ceiling of your house somewhere. Heat always rises so the best temperature will always be higher up in the room.

Can i put my growkit in a plastic box?

Never keep your growkits inside of a plastic box. If you do so you will decrease the oxygen in the growkit and the mushrooms will not be able to breathe. 

Carbondioxide(CO2) is heavier then oxygen(O2) so if you put your kits in the bottom of a box, this box will slowly fill up with the invisible CO2. There won't be any fresh oxygen left for the mushrooms to breath and even the airfilter in the growbag will not let any more oxygen in.

You mushroom will stop growing as soon as they won't be able to breathe anymore.

So where can i put my growkit?

The answer is very easy. Our growkits come with everything they need, the bag. The kits are exactly made for growing inside of this bag and do not need much more. All you need is a clean place away from the sunlight with a temperature between 21-24 degrees where your kits can grow without any disturbance of airflow and other contaminants. It is that easy.