These growkits have a standard discount. Every 5 kits the customer buys, he pays just 4.

This works only when the customer orders the same type of growkit.

  • Example: when buy 5 mexican, the discount is automatically active in the shopping cart and a discount is active (Discount: -29,50)
  • Example 2: When customer orders 3 Thai and 2 Mexican, no discount is active in the cart. If customers asks for discount, you can manually change the order in the Admin to change the price of the growkits so there will be a discount. Keep the folloiwng in mind:

Buy 5, pay 4

buy 10, pay 8

buy 15, pay 12

buy 20, pay 16 etc.

On the website, the customer can only order 19 growkits. When they try to place an order for more than this: they get a message to contact customer support to negotiate a price. You can apply the same rules until 50 pieces:

Buy 30, pay 25

Buy 40, pay 32

Buy 50, pay 40

For any requests for higher amounts, please assign, or dispatch the ticket to the months active manager with a descriptive note.