Before you place an order make sure it is legal for you to receive the products that you are about to purchase. 

Visit the website of your government for legal information about the products you want to order, or investigate online about the legal status.

We are not aware what the legal status of our products is in many countries. For the countries we do know this, there are shipping restrictions on our website. This means that it is not possible to order the products that have shipping restrictions for those countries/regions.

Do we ship to your country?

To find out if and what items we ship to your country, follow this step-by-step instruction:

  1. Add all the products you are interested in to your shopping cart.
  2. Go to your shopping cart, in the top of the web shop, and click on it. And then click on "Proceed To Check-Out"
  3. Fill in the address information.
  4. After filling in the address, the website will offer shipping options and prices or show an error.

In case the website offers shipping option with prices, you can select an option and complete the order. In case the website shows an error you can conclude that we (temporary) do not ship to your country. 

If you want more information, please contact our support center.