If this is your first Copelandia grow kit and you have grown Cubensis mushrooms before you will notice that these kits look significantly different from what you would expect.

Airholes and topsoil

You will find 2 containers of topsoil and one container of the substrate with Copelandia mycelium in the cardboard box. You will also see that there are holes in the lid which are important for the mycelium to breathe. The mycelium is stronger than what you expect from the Cubensis mushrooms so it is fine for the Copelandia to travel across Europe with air holes instead of air filters in the lid.

Color and amount of mycelium

Our Copelandia has very resilient mycelium, but when the kit arrives it might look like the mycelium is very scarce. This just happens during transport but it will grow back very fast as soon as the kit is set up. It oftentimes also looks blue and this happens from bruising and moving around. The good thing is that you can already see how potent the Copelandia is since blue is the color of psilocybin, the 'magic' molecule in magic mushrooms. It is even visible in the mushroom roots itself!

The only time there is a problem is when you can see that there are green spots in your grow kit. If this happens please contact our customer service.

picture 1. A Copelandia kit on arrival with scarce mycelium and blue bruises.