My Copelandia are not looking white but brown with black spots

The Copelandia is a very sensitive strain of mushrooms. It can happen that the caps of the mushrooms start to turn black for no apparent reason. This does not mean that your grow kit is contaminated. Rather, it is a natural process in the Copelandia mushroom, these mushrooms are called aborts. When this happens to one of your mushrooms, chances are that other mushrooms of your flush will start doing the same. At this point it is advisable to harvest the whole box and start the next flush. You can start the next flush by making the substrate/mycelium pretty moist again and wait until the pins start coming out.

When you harvest the mushrooms make sure that you take all of the mushrooms because when you leave one mushroom behind it will start to decompose at some point which increases the chances of your grow kit to contaminate.

pic 1 black sports forming on the Copelandia mushrooms before maturity