When are they ready to harvest?

The Copelandia will start off looking like little Cubensis mushrooms. They will have a brown cap and a small white stem. As soon as they grow bigger they will start to turn more white tall and narrow.

The Copelandia will be ready for harvesting about 24-36 hours after caps have opened and started to spread their spores. This is different from the Cubensis mushrooms but for the Copelandia it is better to let them grow a little longer.

How to harvest them?

When you are ready to harvest your Copelandia simply take the grow box out of the bag and place it on a well-sterilized surface. now all you have to do is gently knock the mushrooms over and they will detach from the box. Then you can pick them from the box and let them dry. Please see: how to dry.

Make sure to pick out all of the mushrooms when the first flush is finished, also the smaller ones.

Starting the second flush

The first flush is harvested and now it is time to start your kit back up again. Spray a good amount of water on the top layer of the grow kit to remoisten it. Then make sure to push all of the old air out of the bag and catch a lot of fresh air inside of the bag. Then you can go ahead and put the kit back in the bag on your ideal grow spot. See here for the set-up instructions.

pic 1. Copelandia kit ready to harvest.


In this picture, you can see the Copelandia kit which is ready to harvest. Most of the mushrooms as you can see are ready to harvest and the smaller ones on the right could grow a little longer. The caps of these ones are a little more closed. In the end, it is best to harvest the whole flush at once. because then you can moisten the substrate without harming the growing mushrooms. Also if you harvest the smaller mushrooms before they are mature there will be more nutrients for them in the substrate for the next flush, so nothing is lost.