For international payments, most people use their bank. But banks often have high fees and exchange rates that don’t take advantage of daily fluctuations. For international payments, there are a variety of online Money Transfer Services available. 

What are the benefits from using Money Transfer Services?

Money Transfer Services are a popular option for completing (online) payments. Why? 

Compared to banks, their transfer fees are often lower, the exchange rates are often better and the process is usually faster. You can apply for a transfer quickly online and the payment might even arrive sooner.

Which Money Transfer Service should you use?

There are several companies for completing your online payment to our web-shop. Here is a lists of Money Transfer Services we can recommend:

How to use a Money Transfer Service?

When you use one of the Money Transfer Service, please follow these instructions:

  1. Place an order in our web-shop and choose for the payment method: "Pay in advance | by bank transfer (SEPA)". You will receive a payment confirmation in your e-mail inbox, with your order number and our bank details. You will need this information to complete the payment.

  2. Include your order number in the payment reference, or at least the name on the order. If this information is not present, it is not possible for us to match the payment to the order. If this is not possible, you can proceed with the payment process, but please contact us with the transfer details so we are aware of your payment.

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