The payment of your order can take some time before it's with us. We always send you a confirmation email of your payment as soon as we received your payment in our account.

No email received? Please check the spam filter of your mail inbox.

It could be that your order has not yet been completed, so please make sure that you received the order confirmation e-mail, before looking for the payment confirmation e-mail.

How long does my payment take?

  1. Bank transfer: takes 1-5 business days for us to receive.

  2. Cash payment with registered mail: It can takes up to 2 weeks before the envelop with the cash payment arrives. Please send the envelop with registered mail so you have a track & trace code.

  3. Money Transfer Service: takes 1-5 business days for us to receive.

  4. Cryptocurrency: takes 1 business day for us to receive.

No payment confirmation mail? Please send us a message and our customer support will help you.